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13 October 2018

atomic redster g9 2018 2019 test review skialo ski rental livigno cover en

Atomic Redster G9 2018/2019: ski description 

Atomic Redster G9 2018/2019 is the top Race ski model produced by the Austrian company. Look appears entirely revolutionised compared to previous years models: fire red colour, with a thin black line in the middle, this ski impress every snow enthusiast. There are many innovations in construction: the structure is now full-sandwich, and titanium inserts reinforce the wood core. However, the real change that comes from the world cup races is Servotec technology, which offers more power at the end of the curve. It's significantly lighter compared to past versions, that's why is a matter of debate among the fans who chose this ski because of its reputation as 'heavyweight'. This model is the big brother of the race line, made up of Atomic Redster X9 2019 and Redtser S9.









 Tip size MM




 Waist size MM




 Tail size




 Radius M





Weight: 3200 g/177cm

Profile: 100% Camber



Servotec is the Atomic greatest innovation for racing and high-performance piste skiing. The name comes from ‘Servolenkung’ because that’s what it is – the first power steering for skis! The Servotec system is composed by a rod on the top of the ski and the elastomer just under the binding. Here is how it works:

  • When the ski is flat before turning, the rod is under tension meaning the elastomer connected to it is compressed. So, the whole ski is in a pre-stressed position, essentially ready to begin a turn.
  • As the ski bends into a turn, the compression in the elastomer is relaxed. It rebounds out like a spring, pulling the rod with it and actively supporting the flex of the ski. This solution helps to keep steering lighter and quicker.
  • Then on fast straights, the rod and elastomer dampen out bumps and ruts in the slope, reduce negative vibrations, and keep your steering firmer and more stable when riding at high speeds.

3 atomic redster g9 2018 2019 test review skialo ski rental livigno cover en


This ski is built with the ‘sandwich’ or Full Sidewall technology, that runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering. The different types of wood and other materials used in the core, determine how skis behave on the snow: Atomic Redster G9 2018/2019 Power Woodcore combines properties of solid ash and light poplar. Everything is packaged with a titanium layer above and below the core (Titanium Powered), increasing shock absorption, strong running stability and a high torsional flex.



Redster G9 2018/2019 comes with the Atomic X 12 TL RS, tip and heel red-coordinated with ski graphics. Perfect for those seeking performance and the convenience of tool-less quick adjustment. Equipped with 75 mm ski-stoppers/brakes and Full Flex system. These binding provide good energy transmission and precise control at high speeds.

2 atomic redster g9 2018 2019 test review skialo ski rental livigno cover en

Skialo test results

The Skialo team, tested the Atomic Redster G9 2018/2019 on the local resort's slopes, at Mottolino and Carosello ski areas. Our opinion is that ski has become less aggressive and relatively easier to manage. It doesn't require as before a tremendous physical effort in skiing and continues to convey a feeling of security. The 'way in' is improved and gives the best of itself at quite high speeds and the middle arc carving. This ski is something new to try, for experienced skiers who want a performance daily use tool.


1 atomic redster g9 2018 2019 test review skialo ski rental livigno cover en


Rent Atomic Redster G9 2018/2019 in Livigno

Skialo is the ski hire in Livigno that offers you the possibility to rent the best ski equipment at a very convenient price. Try the new Atomic Redster G9 2018/2019 on the Italian ‘Little Tibet’ slopes, at Mottolino or Carosello 3000. You can find this ski into Exclusive 2019 category, which includes all the new winter season models from the most famous brands. Book online your favourite ski and get 20% discount on retail prices. No upfront payment, only a 10% deposit as a reservation. Save money, skip queues and comfortably pick up the equipment at the nearest Skialo Point to your lodging in Livigno!

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