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Carving skis with telemark bindings, for beginners and advanced skiers.

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Starting price € 20,25
-20% online € 16,20 per Day

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Telemark Ski Rental Livigno

Many of you have already seen such strange-looking technique skier with the inner leg bent and the heel coming up: it's a Telemark skier! Telemark is a unique technique in the way of riding down the slope. Every turn is done with a sidestep and a movement of the knee down to the ski. Mainly because of this movement, telemarkers are easily recognizable. Is one of the oldest and probably one of the purest ski technique, which has been evolving since it's very beginning. Livigno ski resort is probably one of the best places where to practice Telemark. Locals are very enthusiasts about this discipline. Between the end of March and the beginning of April, they host 'Skieda', the international Free-Heel fest. Telemark lovers from all around the world come here for a week full of fun and events dedicated to this alternative way to ride on the snow. Do you want to try it as well? Here at Skialo, we have a Telemark Rental line for beginners and advanced skiers that wants to get the basics or improve their skills.

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Since 2017, we rent equipment for your holidays in Livigno. Ski, snowboard, telemark and cross country skiing in winter. Mountain bike and E Bike in summer. We like sports, laughs and Danish Røde Pølser, but that's another story...

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